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21 August 2008 @ 08:38 pm
 Classes have started back. I am embarrassed that I still have one more semester to go before graduating. If only I wasn't so damn indecisive. O well. Graduation in 3 months!

I haven't been able to check my MCAT scores...I don't think they're posted yet, but I almost do not want to know how I did. I feel as though I am sabotaging my own chances to get into medical school. Its as though part of me wants to go more than anything, and then another smaller part wants to just take the TVA job my dad has lined up. The second option would be easier, but is that what I want to do for the rest of my life?  Lots of $$ V. Lots of $$, more school, and hard work.

I got a new kitten. He is the apple of my eye, so to speak. Since I'm living all by myself in this horrible city, he has definitely offered some great company. I decided (Finally) to name him Jude. It seems to fit. He is a silver tabby with a black nose. He's only 5 weeks old, so he's pretty tiny.

Eric has been gone for over three weeks and I miss him more than words. I hate being in this city with no friends. He's coming to visit next Thursday which will be nice. I'm going to make him dinner and introduce him to Jude...hopefully he will like him. He's so weird around animals...who knows.

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09 November 2007 @ 11:31 pm

Its a Friday night...and I'm sitting at my house in the Noog...and it couldn't be nicer! I honestly don't want to do anything tonight. My mom and I went to Sticky Fingers and I had a drink. Then before I knew it, I was buzzed and just sleepy. I feel like an old woman...shit I am almost an old woman (the big 22). haha. Eric is going over to Miller's...but I just don't feel like going over there and playing guitar hero until all hours of the morning.

Psycho is on...and The Birds comes on next, and I have an unopened box of fruit roll-ups. I'm set. Class sucked today. I took a make-up test (finally) after my professor forgot about it TWICE! O well, I made a B. BCMB was horrible as usual and then I had to watch this stupid documentary on the plague. Seriously, they gave the Black Death an old woman's voice and the entire time the "pathogen" floated around talking about how it was going to kill us all. It was really stupid and I could have googled all of the answers to the questions anyway. Lame.

I've been playing with Frank. I miss him. I wish my dad could part with him so I could bring him up to school with me...at least then he'd give me some company. Whenever I graduate and end up somewhere else for grad school, I'm definately getting a kitten. I want one SO bad, but Chelsea doesn't want one. Lame again. 

I think its fruit roll-up time. Peace yo.

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06 November 2007 @ 09:45 pm

I just got back from having a dinner date with Hannah, and it was fun. We talked about some things that I really didn't want to talk about though...   : ( 

Its been a werid day. I passed my chem test (yay) and was pretty much just useless all day. I'm really REALLY lonely today. I never get to talk to Eric for one reason or another. Either he's busy, or I'm busy, or he's just not in the mood to say anything. This is a frustrating situation. I love being with him, but I hate the fact that we never have ANY contact whatsoever. This "long distance" thing is very difficult. Especially with the way things are going with me, I need him to be here...but I know he can't. I also know that it makes him feel down when I'm sad, so I try not to bring up the fact that we're never together, but its hard. I'm starved for human contact!

I'm trying to meet new people, but its hard when I have to do homework and study all of the time. I'm also flat broke, so going out all the time isn't really an option. Dinner with Hannah was fun...we both discussed being lonely and it made me feel better. 

P.S. I am obsessed with Guitar Hero 3...my wii rocks!

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16 October 2007 @ 03:35 pm

My day has been interesting. I woke up, got dressed, and went to class at 9:40 this morning. Got my test back and I beat the average of a 51...so thats pretty good I guess. I wish I had done better though...Went to my micro class and then began to walk home. As I was walking up the hill, this guy on a skateboard whizzes by and drops his phone.  I yelled after him but he didn't hear me and rode away. I decided to pick up the phone and hope that he attempted  to call it later. As I was looking through the contacts list to try and find his house number I tripped on the bottom post of a metal street sign and sliced the FUCK out of my foot.  At the exact instant I cut my foot, the found cell phone rings. I answered it while crying and it turned out to be the owner...who couldn't understand where I was because I was crying. He ended up meeting me, picked up his phone graciously, and I hobbled home with a trail of blood following me. I debated getting a stitch or two put in it, but I think I handled it. I'd rather not go to the emergency room and wait 5 hours.

Like I said, interesting day. I had an awesome Fall Break. Just chilled in the nooga with my family and the boys. Saturday was awesome! I also discovered that my family is offically crazy. I'd rather not comment. O...Eric makes me really happy. (Just throwing that out there.)

I began watching Heroes two nights ago. I'm probably going to watch the third episode tonight. It is AWESOME. I'm also completely hooked on Tell Me You Love Me, a new show on HBO.

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01 October 2007 @ 11:33 pm
Hello to the land of Livejournal. I doubt anyone will ever read this...because its been sooo long since I've posted anything, but in case you were wondering...yes I am still alive and kickin'. Times are very different from my last post...I live in a new place, but with the same roommate. I'm a senior at UT majoring in microbiology and minoring in chemistry. I recently started dating Eric...after 6 years of knowing him. It's awesome. Past that, I have no idea what my next step is. It is a very daunting realization, which is to be blamed for my recently aquired nervous twitch. I'm still pre-med, but because of my mediocre GPA , I really need to at least consider other options. Unfortunately, these "other" options are few and far between. I suppose grad-school will follow, and then possibly a Ph.D...then I would still technically carry the name of Dr. Bayles. I also wouldn't mind working for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) down in Atlanta. Virology is really really interesting. 

That's the update. The fam is doing pretty well. Logen is a freshman at ETSU...I feel incredibly old. I don't do much with myself other than chill, study, and watch cheesy Vh1 reality tv shows. Unless I'm visiting the nooga or visiting friends, my time is spent in Knoxville, TN. Last weekend was awesome. Went and visited Camille down in Nashville for Red and Shea's 21st birthdays. Alex, Red, and Wayne also came up for the festivities. I really miss Eric...sigh.
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13 January 2006 @ 05:01 pm
Bonjour mes amies! It has been far too long. I have decided to make a concsious effort to try and update my life more often. I just started classes on Wednesday and I think they are going to go over pretty well. I am disappointed in my French class, however, because the teacher is ridiculous..meaning the class is going to be stupidly easy. Which I suppose works to my advantage, but French is what I am honestly considering majoring in and I do want to be challenged..I want to LEARN! I am excited about my genetics class though because my professor is really cool, so I think that I will actually learn some usuful information.

This weekend is going to suck. It's the first fucking weekend of the new semester, and I have to drive to Chattanooga tomorrow to get the emmissions testing done on my car. I also have to get a hearing test done on Monday. Yeah funny story there...My jaw has been really bothering me, so I went in to see my TMJ doctor and he seems to think that I possibly have some sort of growth/tumor growing in my right ear...sexy right? Nothing serious he said..ya know, not cancerous or anthing. To make a long story short, regardless of whether something is or is not in my ear, I will have to make several trips back to Chattanooga in the upcoming weeks which = a pain in my ass.

At least labs don't start until next week, meaning I got a definite break this week in genetics and physics. Staring next week, school is going to suck. I am also finally reading Wicked, in the hopes that I will be able to see it in Atlanta this summer. Keeping the ol' fingers crossed. Of course, I suppose I shouldn't do that because today is "Friday the 13th" and nothing lucky happens on days such as this...
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13 November 2005 @ 04:37 pm
I would have Keller Williams' babies...
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29 October 2005 @ 05:50 pm
Anybody think I was dead? Haha no, I have merely been lazy and not posted anything on here since July! Hmmm so what's up in the life of Lindsey? Not too terribly much really...school is going well, except that I hate physics. But I have made it though with this piece of advice: "What would Dillard do?" Hmmm I have seen all kinds of great music ranging from some Umphrey's to some String Cheese, which was last Sunday and was fucking awesome! They played Casey Jones, I mean wow!

I really can't believe that the semester is more then halfway through. I feel as though this semester has just flown by. Tonight is J.J's kick-ass costume party and I am going as Little Red Riding Hood (Paul has no idea), but sadly I will be sitting out for the game because our team sucks this season!

Like I said, nothing too eventful has happened, at ALL. I mean it's not boring here, I've just been chilling and enjoying life. The only thing that sucks is that I really miss all of my friends that do not go here. Like my ETSU folks, and Michael and Amanda. I did get to see Mary last night though, so that was good. She came to visit because she has had a hellish week. (I love you Mary!) Anyhoo, just thought I would catch myself up on my own life here on the good ol' livejournal. See-ya!

P.S. I have developed a debilitating addiction to DonkeyKonga...
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11 July 2005 @ 02:31 pm
Hello all, and my, hasn't it been awhile? So far my summer has been pretty eventful. Where to begin...hmmm Bonnaroo sucked, but Wakarusa kicked so much ass. Yeah Me, Amanda, Paul, Kendra, and some other folks made the long trek up to Lawrence, Kansas for an awesome festival. Two nights of SCI, not to mention some Umphrey's, what more could anyone ask for? I just got back from Wilmington, NC yesterday from a nice getaway at the beach. I really needed to get away and just relax for a few days and let my bruises heal in the sun and surf. Yeah for all who didn't know I was in a car wreck about a week and a half ago. I was on my way to work, turning left onto HWY 153 from Boyscout, when some crazy lady ran the red light and hit me going 65 mph. Ughh, it sucked. Luckily, no one was injured. The woman, however, was completely nuts. A man who stopped at the scene had been behind her for a little ways up the road and saw her driving erradically, like passing other cars in the shoulder of the road! Then she tried to climb in the man's truck before the police got there! Of course it would be my luck to be hit by this nut. I went to the hospital and had some x-rays taken and a CT scan because they thought I might have injured my liver from the seat belt, but thankfully, I was A-ok. While I was at the beach, my dad picked up the police report and of course, she's saying I pulled out in front of her..yeah, because my light was green! o well, hopefully my car will be fixed soon.

Nothing else has really gone on, hung out with Amanda over 4th of July with her family, which has turned into a tradition. It was fun, and we planned to go out that night, but then plans were canceled and my back really started to bother me, so I went and chilled at home, but Katie was in town, so it was nice to see her.

Not too much has gone on, other then what I've already mentioned. Tonight I'm going to dinner with Michael, so that should be fun. hmm, but I'm going to go start a book. Ta-Ta!

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04 May 2005 @ 01:00 pm
Well yesterday I was in the 9th layer of hell, beginning with my grueling chemistry final at 8 am followed directly after with my annoying biology final. Stressed! That day has thankfully passed and today has been much calmer. I just came from my public speaking final which I think I did very well on, and in about 2 hours I have my sociology final, which should be fairly easy. Tomorrow is my last final, history of rock and roll, but it is open note so no worries there.

I'm moving out of the dorms Friday and I couldn't be more excited. I'm also happy that I get to be here Thursday night for some Cinco de Mayo action!

Tonight I'm going to a funeral with Kendra around 6:30. It's sad..our friend Josh's little 14 year old brother died of a heart murmor (sp). He said he would really appreciate us being at the service, so of course I told him I'd be there. It's kind scary because I haven't been to a funeral since David's...

O well, time to go over my sociology shit so everyone, good luck on your finals and see everyone in a couple days!
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